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Don’t throw away!

Don’t waste your cut offs!!!!!

Whatever your project is there’s usually some straggly bits that you don’t need – some large, some small … but every scrap of fabric that you cut as unwanted from your projects can be used to make something wonderful….

Da dah……..


Rag Rugs are hand-made by threading small strips of fabric through hessian sheets. Which also makes them incredibly eco-friendly.

Any fabric can be used – so a perfect opportunity to recycle any old clothes and bedding, jeans, shirts, skirts, towels and sheets and ,and …..

Tip : fabrics that don’t fray are even better – t- shirts, jersey bedding ,socks and even undies! Using old fleece hoodies and blankets are double lovely as they don’t fray and create incredibly soft and snuggly results.

Don’t stop there…. If your working with a particular colour scheme and don’t have what you need in scraps – of course you could buy some pieces just for the job or you could dye those old bits and bobs before cutting, giving you loads of the perfect palette for your room, old cotton bedding works especially well for this.


Not just for the floor…. . you could sew your masterpiece onto the front of a cushion cover, or hang it on the wall like a tapestry. Using different colours or types of fabric leads to the creation of simple or complex patterns, or even pictures and words.

….. another reason rag rugs are truly fantastic is their uniqueness and easy personalisation means that they can be crafted for gifts and occasions; birthdays, Christmas or Easter; for your sister, son or mother.…(or of course just for you)

So simple – Rag Rugs are unbelievably simple to make so great fun for all ages. You can make them by yourself as a personal project, or get the whole family involved – everyone gets a piece of the action – a simple yet fun crafting session!

p.s If your original fabric garments were washable – your rag rug will be too.